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Curriculum Features

Our teaching lies on the strategies of easy start, small steps, multiple activities, prompt feedback. Teachers can understand different learning styles of students through various types of training. Teachers can cater the learning diversity with the integration of collaborative learning, e-Learning, and mastery learning, so to improve the overall learning efficiency.

Student Development

We implement school-wide guidance and discipline,  and dual-class teachers policies to comprehensively cater and support the versatile development of students. Our guiding principle of ‘promoting life education, practicing career planning’ aims at nurturing the positive values and attitudes of students to enhance their resilience, and build the right track for their life.

Talent Development

Our school has set up the “Talent Course” for S1 to S5 students since 2005. Through various types of training, students can acquire different skills and talent, establish confidence and cultivate their communication skills, as well as creativity, and ultimately attain “One Sport and One Art Throughout Life ”


Our school has been actively encourage our teachers to use different electronic teaching (e-Teaching) strategies in recent years, in order to enhance the learning interests and effectiveness of students. In addition, our school has adopted Google Classroom as the learning platform that allows students to take initiatives in self-directed learning according to their own learning progress, and consolidate what they have learned.


Our school has integrated STEM into the school-based curriculum. Through a series of STEM experience activities, STEM-Room, joint-competitions, we aim to stimulate learning via the integration of science, technology, and innovation, and cultivate self-initiate problem-solving skills.