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About Us

History of Ko Lui Secondary School


Ko Lui is a combined name of two places - Gao Zhou (Cantonese phonic: Ko Chow, now known as Mao Ming Shi) and Lei Zhou (Cantonese phonic: Lui Chow, now known as Zhan Jiang Shi), which are located at the southern-west part of Guangdong Province, facing to Hainan.

In the late 60s, Hong Kong suffered economic slump and numerous teenagers were out  of school. In view of such, the Incorporated Management Committee of the school – KoChow and LuiChow Residents (Hong Kong) found Ko Lui Secondary School in 1971.The School had taken in  students who were about to drop out of school due to poor family conditions, and helped the students to find the half-day job to support their family. Our school is the pioneer of part-time students and helped teenagers to find a new path for sustaining their studies.

The community had greatly benefited from the our school service, and the Hong Kong Government also commended our efforts. Hence, our school was authorized to transformed from private school to subsidized school and was granted an 80,000-square-feet land in Kwun Tong from modern school buildings to facilitate teaching and learning.



Establish a school with “Professional education and keep abreast of the times”.



Our school is dedicated to providing a delighted and comprehensive learning environment. We uphold the tradition of “education for all and tailor teaching and learning to students’ needs” to guide students to learn with self-initiative. We also strive to offer students a well-balanced Whole Person Development in the five aspects of ethic, intellect, physique, social skills, and aesthetics. We advocate the value of  “Rightness and Responsibility”, to help students establish the right value and outlook on life, and inspire students’ responsibilities on and contribute to individual, social and national aspects.


<Brief explanation of the School Motto>


尚義克勤  "Rightness and Responsibility"

The School Motto “Rightness and Responsibility” is clear, simple but meaningful. Hence, it is easy to be memorized. Students need to keep the motto in their mind and learn how to associate with people and the society, and learn the right attitude towards learning.

Rightness, in a simple way, means that we have to be just and conduct ourselves in our practice. Whatever we do, we have to consider if what we are going to do is just and reasonable. It is not appropriate nor reasonable if we are afraid of being known about it, or we might feel ashamed if someone knows it. Then we should not carry on. On the contrary, it is appropriate and reasonable if we are not afraid of being known about it. Then we could carry on in it.

Responsibility, in a simple way, means that we have to take up our responsibility and being able to achieve the target. What do we need to achieve in our daily life as a student? Diligence is the core achievement of the student life.

There is a saying goes: ‘Diligence has its reward; play has no advantages’. The key to the growth in knowledge and advancement in studies lies on diligence. But what does it mean by being diligent? Diligent means to be devoted and investigative throughout the learning process. It does not matter if someone ‘is a fast learner and smarter than me’ as what really matter is whether you are diligent. ‘Diligence can compensate for laziness’; this concludes that diligence is the key to success. Laziness, on the other hand, is the root of failure. Laziness is the lure, making us unable to concentrate on studies but to play. ‘Play has no advantages’ admonish us the consequences of being too playful. The root of failure lies on laziness and play, which in another word, being irresponsible to yourself. Hence, our school advocates the virtue of responsibility.

‘Rightness’ leads us to the right path of associating with people and the society; ‘Responsibility’ teaches us how to pursuit knowledge. We hope our students can comprehend the meaning of the motto, even after graduation, they could practice the virtue of ‘Rightness and Responsibility’ and be a just and persistent person.


Education Goal

- Create a delighted, self-initiated and diligent learning atmosphere and environment for students.

- Develop a free, open, and simple school culture.

- Offer students a well-balanced whole person education with ethic, intellect, physique, social skills, aesthetics, and life skills, to foster a balance in physical and psychological development.

- Provide courses that are up-to-date and meet the needs of students to adapt the ever-changing society.

- Exhort and encourage students on both ethic and academic aspects. Cultivate students’ right value and morality to be lawful men.

- Provide diversified extra-curricular activities for students to learn by experience and practice. Foster students to learn to establish a harmonious interpersonal relationship.

- Promote close collaborating with parents and community to perform better education efficacy.

- Encourage teachers to pursue continuous learning to enhance their professional spirit and abilities.


Class Structure








No. of Classes








Course Structure

Our school provides student-oriented and diversified subjects to cater the learning interests of students:


[F.1 to F.2]

Chinese, English, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, Integrated Science, Chinese History, Geography (F.1),History (F.2), Computer Literacy, Design and Technology, Home Economy, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education, Putonghua



Chinese, English, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese History, History, Geography, Computer Literacy, Design and Technology, Home Economy, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education, Putonghua


[Senior Form]

Core subjects:

Chinese, English, Maths, Liberal Studies


Elective subjects:

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese History, History, Economics, Geography, Tourism and Hospitality Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Design and Applied Technology (F.5), Visual Arts, Physical Education, Mathematics Extended Part Module 2 (M2)



School Song

 高雷文物,尚義可風。 山川靈秀,代出豪雄。

 育才香海,創校爐峰。 宏敷教澤,遐邇推崇。

 莘莘華冑,矢志陶鎔。 力行知致,學貫西東。

 忠信立業,克勤有功。 繁榮社會,其樂融融。



Brief explanation of the school song

Verse 1: Ko Lui area not only has fine traditional culture and simple custom, but also promotes the virtue of morality and justice.


Verse 2: Ko Chow and Lui Chow have magnificent landscapes that breed and nourish numerous heroes.


Verse 3: Both Heung Hoi and Lo Fung are referring Hong Kong. They symbolize KLSS has rooted in Hong Kong and the goal of the school is to nurture talents for Hong Kong.   


Verse 4: Our effort of teaching has received applause and appreciation from all walks of life.


Verse 5: As Chinese, we have to set our own goal and direction to cultivate and nourish ourselves to become a talent that could contribute the society.


Verse 6: Learning is not solely about acquiring knowledge, what is more important is to practice what have been learned with enthusiasm. However, being narrow-minded in learning is not appropriate. It is important to master and make connections of both the eastern and western philosophy and knowledge.


Verse 7: The cornerstone of establish a career is being honest. A man will make progress and succeed in both learning and working if he is hardworking and diligent.  


Verse 8: We hope all our students can be assiduous and hardworking on their studies. Then contribute to the society, and make Hong Kong a prosperous and stable society for the enjoyment of life of citizens.

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School Facilities

We have a well-equipped and modern campus. The air-conditioning systems in classrooms and school hall provide students a comfortable learning environment. The football pitch, 2 basketball courts, volleyball court and student activity centre provide students adequate room for sports and activity. In addition, there are different kinds of multi-intelligence venues, such as a STEM Room, the Black Box Theatre, three computers, four well-equipped laboratories, Visual Art Room, Human Performance Laboratory, Creative Workshop, Home Economics Room, KL Café and Harmonious Room, which make the teaching and learning more rich and diverse.


We have good lunch arrangement for the students. The facilities in the canteen are capable for all F.1 to F.4 students and reduce the risk of disciplinary and safety issues due to having lunch outside school.